Rosie’s Basement and Other New Projects


My friend David Wolkin was nice enough to ask me for a contribution to Rosie’s Basement, a site about objects and memories. I wrote about my grandfather, Brooklyn, graduate school, and some other stuff. You can read the piece here. Thanks to everyone who has said nice things about it.

In other news, The Laughing Magician continues to chug along. This week I discussed Hellblazer #3, Margaret Thatcher, and yuppies from hell. This fall’s been pretty busy, but I’m trying to post over there at least once a week.

My poetry site, No New Yorker, has been updated a bit more regularly, and that’s going to continue as I work on my first chapbook, which is tentatively titled TOURNAMENT OF CHAMPIONS.

Finally, you can find the usual Tumblr fare over here.

More updates soon, including some honest-to-goodness new content for So Fake It’s Real. Thanks for reading.

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