“Arrest Those Zombies”: Your Obligatory Royal Wedding Post SLASH Obligatory Zombie Nerd-Baiting Post

Amy getting arrested (Photo by Karel Prinsloo / AP)

My friend Amy was arrested on Friday in London for daring to dress like a zombie on the day of the royal wedding (UPDATE: Amy posted her very sharp take on the incident over here). According to The Guardian, London police ” had imposed a section 60 blanket stop-and-search order around the whole royal wedding zone, after a few individuals were seen putting scarves over their faces in Soho Square.” This allowed police “to search without discretion,” and, apparently, to harass the undead:

Officers…swooped in on five people, three of whom were wearing zombie make-up, when they entered a branch of Starbucks on Oxford Street. They were arrested “on suspicion of planning a breach of the peace”.

They were all handcuffed and held in a police van and gave their names as Amy Cutler, 25, Rachel Young, 27, Eric Schultz, 43, Hannah Eisenman-Renyard, and Deborah, 19, an anthropology student at the University of East London.

“We’ve been pre-emptively arrested under suspicion of planning a breach of the peace,” Cutler told the Guardian from the police van. “We went to Starbucks to get a coffee and the police followed us in.”

“We were just dressing up as zombies,” said Amy, who was wearing a “marry me instead” T-shirt. “It is nice to dress up as zombies.”

Here’s an interview with Amy and some of her fellow zombies post-arrest. While some people may find a bunch of zombie kids getting arrested (and released) for “potential breach of the peace” (Minority Report style) might seem insignificant in the grand scheme of things, as Amy puts it in the interview, “the fact that it appeared to be legal to put us away for the way I chose to be dressed” is more horrifying than anything George Romero has dreamt up.

I was going to say “except for that zombie baby,” but Zach Snyder’s to blame for that one.

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