Odd Future’s Reception History

Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All

Check out “What We Talk About When We Talk About Odd Future,” a piece I wrote for my pal Ricky’s site, At A Glimpse. It’s a short essay, and it’s intended to get a conversation going on how the group has been reviewed and perceived by the press. A few quick notes:

-If you’re new to Odd Future, Pitchfork has an overview of their major records (and links to said records).

-The Bethelehem Shoals piece I mention in my essay can be found over at Poetry Foundation. It’s good.

-Speaking of casual homophobia, Kobe Bryant was recently fined $100,000 by the NBA for using the f-word to describe an official. Jon Amaechi’s take on the incident is worth your time.

-Speaking of the NBA, Knicks in seven. Unless Ray Allen continues to play like Ray Allen.

3 responses to “Odd Future’s Reception History

  1. Interesting article, Jim. Nate and I have had a lot of convos about this, and I’m still mixed on the way women are presented. Mothers are really honored in their lyrics. Part of how I see Odd Future representing women is through the performance of young men who are confused about how to love women (is through the respect and honor given to mothers and sisters, or is it the hypersexualized models circulated in a hook-up culture media?). Still undecided about it, but I totally agree with you about the performative element of their work (the therapist intro really sets that up). Side note, did you hear they created their own record label, way too cool!

  2. Liking the Raymond Carver reference!

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